Litigation – Part 1 Initial Meeting

So you’ve been injured and you’re not comfortable with the settlement offer from an insurance company?  Your answer may be “Litigation”. This is part 1 of a 5 part discussion of the litigation process and what you as the victim or plaintiff might expect.

The first step is to meet with an attorney to determine if you have viable case for litigation.  You can expect a variety of questions depending on your injury, for example:

Have you had any prior accidents?

Were you injured as a high school athlete or at some other time prior to the current injury?   Previous injuries can be important because an insurance company will look for prior injuries they can claim as the cause for your current injury. If you’re claiming a knee injury in your current case, the insurance company is going to blame your high school athletic injury as the cause of your current problems.   So an attorney evaluating your current case is going to ask you about any primary care doctor or chiropractor you may have seen in the past.  It doesn’t matter how many years ago. The more information an attorney has; the better he or she can represent you and the better result for you and your case.

After this first meeting an attorney will conduct a legal analysis on your case.   Whether your case is an auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice or any other type of injury it doesn’t matter.   Florida has unique laws and that’s what we do, we specialize in making sure the right lawsuit is filed for you and your case.

Are you considering litigation?   Give us a call at 800-232-1992. We’ll talk to you about your case and what your options are, so you can make a fully educated decision about what to do next.

In the next part we’ll discuss the “Discovery” phase including documentation and depositions. Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes as well.

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