It’s a Secret: Who Caused the Accident?

In Florida, jurors are not allowed to know who caused an accident.  If you’ve ever been on a jury or know someone who’s been on a jury in a personal accident claim, particularly an auto accident claim, you’re probably wondering why you never learned who caused the accident.   It’s a peculiarity of Florida law that the lawyers are not allowed to talk about who was charged in the accident.

Doesn’t it seem peculiar that you as a jury member should know that the other individual was charged in the accident?  That maybe speeding caused the accident?  That maybe texting caused the accident?   But as strange as it may seem; lawyers representing the injured person in an automobile accident are not allowed to talk about the person who caused the accident. You may hear the police officer testify as to what he saw when he arrived at the accident,  but if you pay attention you will notice that he is never asked “how did the accident happen” or “who was charged with causing the accident?” We’re not allowed to ask, police officers are not allowed to tell.

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