A Simple Broken Arm Isn’t Always Simple

Parents make poor lawyers when it comes to representing their own children.  A young child had broken his arm and his parents had tried to settle the case on their own.  It’s not uncommon for a kid to break an arm, but the parents were frustrated that the insurance company was offering to settle their claim for a very small amount.
When they came to us, we asked whether they were aware of the  “growth plate” in the child’s bones.  They said “no” and indicated their doctor never mentioned it.  They had assumed their child’s injury was a simple broken arm.

Our investigation led us to the fact that the area of the growth plate in the child’s arm had been damaged.  Damaging the growth plate in a young child severely impacts the development of the child’s bones in that area.   That child was going to be left with a long lasting problem in the development of his arm.   We were able to settle the case for a tremendous amount of money because we convinced the insurance company that this child would have an arm that would not appear to be normal and he would suffer that for the rest of his life.

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