Documenting Your Case

We encourage all of our clients to keep a journal, a diary, or some sort of log about what they go through throughout the duration of their case. Right after the accident you should write down what happened, in as much detail as you possibly can.  As your case progresses, of course, the memory fades.  You will forget some of the small details which could be extremely important as your case winds its way slowly to conclusion over a period of time.
Equally important is what’s going on with you in your day to day activities.  For instance, if a doctor prescribes medication for you, write down The dosctor’s name, the date the doctor prescribed it, the type of medication and where you got that prescription filled.  If, because of your injuries, you’re unable to do certain activities, such as riding a bicycle, playing golf, beach volley ball, swimming, anything like that, write your thoughts down.  Write down days you have increased pain.  Likewise, you should write down days when you might be feeling better.  A simple entry with the date, the time and a brief description about how you’re doing that day is all you need.
A simple, diligently detailed diary is extremely important.  As the time goes by, the weeks go by, the months go by, some of these important details may be forgotten and those details could be extremely important for your case.
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