Ticket or No Ticket – Protect Your Rights!

Often after a motor vehicle crash occurs a police officer will come to the scene to conduct an investigation. At the conclusion of that investigation the police officer may or may not issue a traffic ticket. It’s extremely important for you to call an attorney regardless of the outcome of this investigation. First of all, in the State of Florida whether a person receives or does not receive a traffic ticket as result of a motor vehicle crash is not admissible in court. Secondly; that police officer who investigated the scene did not in fact witness the motor vehicle crash and can’t testify as to what did or did not happen. Your rights may be affected whether the accident was your fault or someone else’s fault. That’s what makes it critical for you to contact an attorney right away. You may have suffered injuries. You may have a traffic ticket to deal with. As Attorney’s we’re here to help you handle all aspects of your case and protect your rights. Call us so that we can evaluate your case. We’ll look into the facts and circumstances surrounding how the crash happened and then tell you if you have a case. If you do have a case we’d certainly be more than happy to handle it for you going forward. Our toll free number is; 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com. Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes or YouTube for free.

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