Examination Under Oath

Q Auto & Injury Attorney’s Edward Izquierdo, J.D. has some guidance for you if you’re asked to do an “Examination Under Oath” as part of your insurance claim.
More and more of our clients are being required by their insurance company to do an “Examination Under Oath”. An examination under oath is the first time the insurance company gets to talk to you “on the record” regarding your accident and the medical treatment you’ve received surrounding that accident.
Often, these examinations are to help the insurance company figure out if they’re going to pay the full personal injury protection benefits or to value any future settlements you may be entitled to should you carry under insured motorist coverage on your own policy. These questions should be centered on your policy with the insurance company, the accident and any treatments you’ve had with any doctors regarding the injuries from the accident.
Even though all the insurance company wants to know is information about the accident, it’s important that you have your attorneys there with you to make sure the questions asked are appropriate and pertinent to your case. But just because questions should be about your policy and treatment doesn’t mean the adjuster or the representative from the insurance company doing the examination will stick to those questions. You want someone in your corner that can step in if a question goes off topic and into things the insurance company has no business asking about.
These examinations are nothing to be worried about. It’s simply a time for them to gather facts and for you to tell your side of the story. Still it’s important to have an attorney there with you throughout the entire process to protect your rights.
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