Pill Mill Doctors

Medical Malpractice attorney Sandra Bucha provides this blog entry. You may have read articles in your local newspaper or even online about doctors who seem to be over-prescribing pain medication. In the state of Florida they’re often called “Pill Mill” doctors. They seem to recklessly prescribe medications to certain people who come in complaining of pain. Many times this pain is very legitimate and the patient legitimately needs pain medication to live a normal life. But it’s that doctor’s responsibility to properly oversee the regimen of pain medication he prescribes. Tragically we often have cases where a family member comes and says, “I told the doctor, I begged with the doctor, please stop. My family member, my husband, my son is becoming addicted to this pain medication.” For whatever reason the doctor seemed to ignore their pleas for help, and we’ve represented families as a consequence when their loved one has committed suicide or tragically died from an overdose of pain medication. We need to hold these doctors responsible and as medical malpractice attorneys we will hold the “Pill Mill” doctors accountable. If you faced such a tragic situation give us a call. We can help. Our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com. Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes  or YouTube for free.

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