The Black Box

Derek Reams is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer with Q Auto & Injury Attorneys and offers this technology update. Eyewitness testimony has always been vital to determining how an accident occurred. More often than not though, eyewitnesses can see things in differing ways. One driver says, “I was going thirty five miles an hour”. The other driver says, “No that’s not true you are going at least fifty five miles an hour”. The jury is then asked to believe which driver is the most credible in determining who was at fault. Technology is changing that now. Many newer motor vehicles have black boxes similar to those in airplanes. With these black boxes information such as speed, the direction of the steering wheel, how much the brake pedal was depressed, how much the accelerator was depressed and similar information can be downloaded from the car itself and becomes extremely important to figuring out who was in fact at fault for the crash. Let me give you an example. I recently handled a case where the motor vehicle involved was merging onto the interstate from the shoulder. This motor vehicle was rear ended by a second car and as a result of that collision our client was involved in a four car pileup. The person that had recently merged onto the interstate from the shoulder claimed he was not at fault. However, once we downloaded the information from his black box the car told us that he was going eleven miles an hour on the interstate, the brake pedal was depressed, his steering wheel was facing the wrong direction and it was easy for us to argue to the insurance company that he was at least partially at fault for the crash. The end result, we got our client a settlement for all of the insurance money available and the case settled without having to file a lawsuit. It’s important for you as a victim of a motor vehicle crash to quickly call a law firm that’s experienced with cars today and technology, a law firm such as Q Auto & Injury Attorneys. Why? Because this vital information recorded by the black box is quickly lost once your vehicle is repaired or salvaged. Contacting a law firm that’s familiar with the technology in today’s cars is imperative for you and preserving all evidence and information is important for your case. Most importantly it canhelp you win your case and obtain the best result possible. So call us at 1-800-332-1992 and ask to speak with one of our attorneys. We can help. Check out our latest podcasts regarding The Black Box and other subjects of intrest on iTunes for free or our YouTube Channel.

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