Reasonable Compensation

When a lawyer is representing you for a personal injury claim, be it an automobile accident or medical malpractice, he or she should feel responsible to do the best possible job for you. Now, we define the best possible job as getting the most money in a settlement that we can for you. But, just because a lawyer gets a large settlement for you doesn’t mean that he will put a lot of that settlement in your pocket. It doesn’t end there.
In order to get a substantial settlement in a case it is more likely than not you’ve endured a great deal of pain and suffering because of the physical problems the accident or the malpractice caused you. That means very often that the amount of money that we get for you may not cover all of your medical bills and still put a sizable portion in your pocket.
The lawyer you hire should feel obligated and in fact be obligated to do everything in his or her power to reduce those medical bills. Yes, believe it or not those bills can be negotiated not unlike you’re negotiating to purchase a used car. There is a certain amount of money that the doctor or the medical provider has already determined is necessary to cover their expenses in your treatment. It’s the responsibility of your lawyer to determine the minimal amount of money necessary to have covered those expenses and be fair to the medical provider. This amount and the amount doctor charges are often no where’s near each other. It is our duty as your lawyer to do the best we can to deal with those medical providers. It is our job to convince them that what they’ve billed and what they’re willing to accept are two different things and that we are only going to be paying the minimal amount necessary. That’s what puts more of that settlement into your pocket and less into the overhead of a medical provider.
It’s a duty we take very seriously here at Q Auto and Injury Attorneys. We work very hard to be sure that the bills are fair, not exorbitant. We can help with those bills. We are Q Auto and Injury Attorneys and we’re here to help. Call us now. Our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes for free .

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