M.M.I. Doesn’t Mean STOP!

After you’ve been in an accident your medical treatment status might be confusing, even after the doctor has explained it to you. He might say he’s given you a permanency rating or even say you have reached maximum medical improvement or M.M.I. When you reach M.M.I., the doctor is simply telling you that he has done all he can to help improve your condition. This may mean that you will have to seek another doctor or specialist. This might lead to different types of treatment including; different types of physical therapy, epidural steroid injections or other medications, or even surgery. After you reach M.M.I. you might think that all you can do now is go home and to sit around waiting for your case to settle. This is where you’d be wrong. Remember, that by continuing treatment you are sending a message to the insurance company that you are seriously, if not permanently injured. This continuing treatment might be costing you but it not only helps your physical condition due to your accident but helps us get you the proper settlement in your personal injury case. If you have been injured, have questions or think you have a case, give us a call. We can help. Our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes for free.

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