When Police Are “A No Show”

There’s been an interesting change in the investigation of automobile accidents in the state of Florida. Most jurisdictions today, from the local sheriff to your local police department, may not respond to an accident after you’ve called them. As long as there are no major injuries or hazard to the public safety, they don’t want to be bothered. It’s very time consuming and with budget changes in the state they no longer have the funds to go out to every accident. As a result, you’re often left standing there for a long period of time, assuming that someone is coming and make a report of the accident, take down the information of the driver that caused your accident and maybe even issue a ticket. Now-a-day’s that’s often not the case.
It’s important that you record all the information that you can about accident and the other driver/drivers involved. It’s you who will be making the report to the police after the accident is removed from the scene and everyone has gone. Be sure you get the other person’s name and address and above all get the name of their insurance company. Remember, they won’t be the ones repairing your car or paying your medical bills. It will be their insurance company and they are going to want proof before they pay a claim. Insist on getting that information from the other driver.
What if they don’t have that information? I would suggest you call the police back and insist that someone come out because that driver is telling you they don’t have any insurance. It’s against the law to drive in Florida without any insurance coverage. You must carry proof with you every time you operate a motor vehicle. Almost everyone carries a phone with them that is capable of taking pictures. Be sure you take as many as you can to show the damage, road conditions and general environment. Record not only the other drivers’ information but if there are witnesses be sure to take down their information as well so they can be reached later if you need a statement. At Q Auto & Injury Attorneys we’ve created an app for your iPhone or Android that will help you record all the important information and give you some tips on other things to note in your accident. The app is free at the iTunes Store or from Google Play. It really can be a handy thing to have if you ever need it.
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