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I want to tell you an interesting story about a property damage issue. Many people call us after being involved in an automobile accident because no one is willing to fix their car, it doesn’t run, they can’t get to work, they can’t get to the doctor. Yet, they have insurance and the person that caused their accident has insurance.
We had a situation in our office where one of our employees, two weeks after purchasing a new car, was in a parking lot when an individual backing out of their parking space, backed into the side of my employees new car. My employee immediately took the car to the dealer to get an estimate for repair. The insurance company for the person who caused the accident sent out an adjuster. The figures to repair that car had a difference of $80, only $80. My employee did not feel that it was necessary for her to pay that $80, it wasn’t her fault. It was a stupid accident getting backed into in a parking lot because the person driving the other car didn’t pay any attention. So, she told the adjuster, “No. I want the full amount that it’s gonna cost me to repair my car at the dealer.”
He said he wasn’t going to throw that $80 in.
I called him and said, “Do you realize she works for personal injury lawyer? Pay her the $80.” He took on hard stand as they often do and refused to pay that $80.
Lo and behold, my employee began to complain to me that she suffered some neck and back pain. So we proceeded with a claim for her personal injuries against the insurance company. Let me tell you, the insurance company paid a lot more money to that employee then they would have if they had paid that $80 and been done with it. I’m sure that the frustration that my employee felt in dealing with them probably cause the stress that ultimately led to her aches and pains. But, that’s the way you get treated by the other insurance company.
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