Changes in PIP (Personal Injury Insurance)

Insurance policies can be confusing enough, but when the law changes regarding them it can be nearly impossible to know your rights. Q Auto & Injury Attorneys founding attorney Leonard McCue offers some insight to a recent change in automobile insurance regulations.
In every policy that you purchase in Florida there is a health insurance section. That section is called “PIP”, Personal Injury Protection. It will cover medical bills that you incur as a result of having an accident. It doesn’t make any difference whether it was your fault or someone else’s fault. Most policies have a $10,000 policy to cover your medical bills. To get into how they pay and what they pay is complicated; but basically the changes they’ve made are that even though you purchased $10,000 worth of PIP, your insurance company may tell you they’re only going to a pay $2,500 of your bills, not ten thousand.
We advise everyone who calls our office regarding a recent automobile accident, to go immediately to the emergency room. One of the things that the insurance company will be looking for is whether or not you needed emergency medical treatment. Our argument is; if you went to the emergency room you must have needed emergency medical treatment. In that case, the insurance company is bound to pay the full $10,000, not $2,500 if you wait a few days and then decided to go see your own doctor.
If you have a problem as a result of an automobile accident, please give us a call. Let us fight for you.
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