Don’t Give Up!

Here’s a lesson from founding attorney Leonard McCue on why you shouldn’t give up when you think your case is in the right, but the insurance companies say you’re wrong.

One day a young woman came into my office. She somewhat tearfully explained that I would be the fourth lawyer that she had been sent to see. The third lawyer who had been unable to do anything for her had sent her to our firm telling her that if anybody could get her any money it would be us. Obviously I took that as a personal challenge. I listened to the facts.

Her husband had been killed while working on the Skyway Bridge. The Skyway Bridge contractor had a life insurance policy on each and every one of its workers. The insurance contract called for payment upon death to be made to the spouse of the worker. Unfortunately even though these two people had two young children they had never married. The insurance company denied the coverage to this young woman and her two little children. That’s why she had gone from lawyer to lawyer only to be stopped by the insurance company with the language of that contract. She wasn’t his spouse, or was she?

When I listened to the history I found that they had lived for a period of time in Georgia. Even though Florida doesn’t recognize two people living together, no matter how long they live together, as a married couple, Georgia holds a different position. If you live in the state of Georgia and you hold yourself out as a couple, meaning to your friends, family and neighbors, and especially to anybody you might borrow money from, then you are deemed a married couple. Using those facts, we sued the insurance company for the Skyway Bridge contractor and ultimately settled that case for the full coverage of that insurance policy. The settlement assured this young mother of the funds necessary to take care of herself and her two young children for a considerable period of time. It was one of the most satisfying cases we have ever experienced in our office.

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