Ticket or No Ticket – Protect Your Rights!

Often after a motor vehicle crash occurs a police officer will come to the scene to conduct an investigation. At the conclusion of that investigation the police officer may or may not issue a traffic ticket. It’s extremely important for you to call an attorney regardless of the outcome of this investigation. First of all, in the State of Florida whether a person receives or does not receive a traffic ticket as result of a motor vehicle crash is not admissible in court. Secondly; that police officer who investigated the scene did not in fact witness the motor vehicle crash and can’t testify as to what did or did not happen. Your rights may be affected whether the accident was your fault or someone else’s fault. That’s what makes it critical for you to contact an attorney right away. You may have suffered injuries. You may have a traffic ticket to deal with. As Attorney’s we’re here to help you handle all aspects of your case and protect your rights. Call us so that we can evaluate your case. We’ll look into the facts and circumstances surrounding how the crash happened and then tell you if you have a case. If you do have a case we’d certainly be more than happy to handle it for you going forward. Our toll free number is; 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com. Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes or YouTube for free.

Common Sense

“Was there anything you could have done to prevent the accident?” It’s one of the main questions insurance companies always ask when you file a claim. When you get to that question you want to be able to truthfully say, “There was nothing I could do”.
There are many laws to follow when you’re driving. You could follow them exactly, but that doesn’t insure you won’t get into a car accident. A driver also needs to use common sense to prevent accidents. Other people aren’t always following the laws or using good judgment. Just because they’re being careless doesn’t mean you need to be a victim of the indifference to safety. Pay attention to your surroundings. If someone is still attempting to make a left turn across your lane and you’re fast approaching the intersection, slow down because if they don’t stop you’re likely to hit them. You won’t be at fault technically but you could still be injured. Who knows how long it could take for you to get any compensation from the insurance company. A little common sense goes a long way.
But sometimes following the laws and using all the common sense in the world is still not enough. Accidents happen and they can happen to you. When that time comes, give us a call, we can help. Our toll free number is; 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com. Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes or YouTube for free.

Why Take Your Case To Trial?

This post is from Board Certified Trial Attorney Derek Reams:

With the internet, Google, Yahoo and all of the social media outlets that we have at our disposal, how do you pick an attorney that’s going to best represent you and handle your case?
My suggestion would be to call that attorney directly. Ask them a variety of questions. Ask how many times has that law firm handled your type of case?
Whether your case is a motor vehicle accident case, a motor vehicle vs. pedestrian, medical malpractice, dog bite or any other type of personal injury claim, it’s important to know whether that law firm has handled those cases in the past and has handled them with success.
The next question should be, does that law firm in fact take their cases all the way to trial?
Insurance companies keep a list of attorneys and law firms. On this list are attorneys and law firms that settle their cases and attorneys and law firms that go to court taking their cases to trial. You want the attorneys that go to court and go to trial because the insurance company routinely and regularly offers better settlements to those attorneys and law firms that try cases versus those that settle just to get the case over and done with as quickly as possible.
We at Q Auto and Injury Attorneys go to trial, whether it’s for medical malpractice, slip and fall, motor vehicle crashes, most types of personal injury cases where someone has been injured through the negligence of another. We try all the cases that we can. The reason we do this is it gets the best results for our clients and it sends a message to the insurance companies, “We Mean Business”. It also tells them that no matter what settlement offer they are making, we won’t accept it and we will try the case before a jury if it’s means getting the best results for our client.
Call us at Q Auto and Injury Attorneys and talk to one of our attorneys experienced in the trial process. They can answer most any questions you may have regarding your case. Our toll free number is; 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com. Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes or YouTube for free.


By now you’ve probably heard a million blogs concerning Florida’s PIP, (P – I – P) personal injury protection. It’s a mandatory part of your auto policy in the state of Florida. What is it? More like, what was it? It was sort of a $10,000 health insurance policy you were required to purchase as part of your car insurance.
But what does it mean? At one point it meant, if you were injured in an auto accident you could count on $10,000 worth of coverage for your medical bills and or your lost wages. I say, it used to be that way. It isn’t any longer. Here’s what you need to remember; if you have an automobile accident, you need to go to the emergency room. Now in order for your PIP to be used to pay your medical bills, your injuries have to be declared as an emergency. You have to have sought emergency treatment at the outset of injuries. If you go to the emergency room it’s pretty hard for an insurance company to argue that you didn’t have an emergency medical condition.
If you have an accident, go to the emergency room. If you don’t, $10,000 PIP policy you paid for could be reduced to $2,500. Yeah, I know you paid for $10,000 in coverage. I’ve heard that argument before. But, your insurance company is only going to give you $2,500 to pay your medical bills. Don’t go within 14 days for medical treatment because you’re trying to macho it out? Then you get nothing. You won’t get any money to go towards your medical bills from the PIP of $10,000 you paid the premium for.
So, if you have an accident, be sure when asked if you need to go to the emergency room that you say, “yes”. If you don’t go by ambulance get someone to drive you. But go to the emergency room. If you have any questions call us. We’re Q Auto and Injury Attorneys. Our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com. Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes or YouTube for free.

Q Auto & Injury Attorneys – Accident App

We have a great new tool to help you when you’ve been involved in an auto accident and the best news, it’s free. It’s called the Q Auto and Injury App, and it’s available for both Apple and Android devices. The Q Auto and Injury Accident App allows you to easily create a complete incident report of your accident. Its documentation right at the scene that can be vital if you have to file a law suit or go to court, and it’s easy to use.

The app walks you through what’s most important to collect at the scene of your accident including: pictures and videos of the scene; a date and time stamp with the GPS coordinates from your smartphone; and a place to collect the vital information from other drivers involved in the accident including the driver’s name, phone number, tag, insurance info and make and model of vehicles involved. The app also helps you quickly gather information from any witnesses and law enforcement that may arrive on scene. Then just add your personal contact information, hit send and the app will email all the information to our offices where we can help you get the legal help you might need. The app even helps you find local emergency services like police stations, tow trucks, taxis, nearby hospitals or repair shops.

Even after the accident, the Q App helps you document important information related to your case with an expense log feature. Using the expense log you can keep track of medical bills, pharmacy bills, care and services, and/or lost wages, and email them off to our office to help keep your attorney updated. There is also a call attorney button. It’s a hot line directly to us. Just touch the button and we will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You never know when you’re going to get into an accident, but when it happens you can have the Q Auto & Injury Accident App right at your side to help you through it. Take the time right now to download the Q Auto and Injury Attorney App. Go to Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android and download it. Put the power of Q Auto & Injury Attorneys to work for you. If you have any questions you can call our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com. Check out our latest podcast on how to use the app on iTunes or YouTube for free.

The Black Box

Derek Reams is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer with Q Auto & Injury Attorneys and offers this technology update. Eyewitness testimony has always been vital to determining how an accident occurred. More often than not though, eyewitnesses can see things in differing ways. One driver says, “I was going thirty five miles an hour”. The other driver says, “No that’s not true you are going at least fifty five miles an hour”. The jury is then asked to believe which driver is the most credible in determining who was at fault. Technology is changing that now. Many newer motor vehicles have black boxes similar to those in airplanes. With these black boxes information such as speed, the direction of the steering wheel, how much the brake pedal was depressed, how much the accelerator was depressed and similar information can be downloaded from the car itself and becomes extremely important to figuring out who was in fact at fault for the crash. Let me give you an example. I recently handled a case where the motor vehicle involved was merging onto the interstate from the shoulder. This motor vehicle was rear ended by a second car and as a result of that collision our client was involved in a four car pileup. The person that had recently merged onto the interstate from the shoulder claimed he was not at fault. However, once we downloaded the information from his black box the car told us that he was going eleven miles an hour on the interstate, the brake pedal was depressed, his steering wheel was facing the wrong direction and it was easy for us to argue to the insurance company that he was at least partially at fault for the crash. The end result, we got our client a settlement for all of the insurance money available and the case settled without having to file a lawsuit. It’s important for you as a victim of a motor vehicle crash to quickly call a law firm that’s experienced with cars today and technology, a law firm such as Q Auto & Injury Attorneys. Why? Because this vital information recorded by the black box is quickly lost once your vehicle is repaired or salvaged. Contacting a law firm that’s familiar with the technology in today’s cars is imperative for you and preserving all evidence and information is important for your case. Most importantly it canhelp you win your case and obtain the best result possible. So call us at 1-800-332-1992 and ask to speak with one of our attorneys. We can help. Check out our latest podcasts regarding The Black Box and other subjects of intrest on iTunes for free or our YouTube Channel.

How Do I Find The “Right Lawyer”?

Here’s some good advice from Founding Partner, Leonard McCue, PA..
I’m always advising people to get a lawyer to help them with any claim that arises out of an automobile accident or medical malpractice. But “how do you find the right lawyer?”. Do you simply open up the yellow pages and poke your finger at the odd page that you come to or do you go on a website and simply type in, auto accident attorney?
It’s certainly a way of making an initial contact with a lawyer. But is that all? How do you know that one you’ve chosen from the yellow pages or whose website looks really glamorous, is going to do the best job for you? You have to ask questions. For instance, ask them how long have they been doing this type of legal work? More importantly is this the only type of work they do?
I know that I don’t want to have a divorce lawyer handling my medical malpractice case. If the lawyer you contacted doesn’t primarily do injury cases your best moving on and finding another attorney. I think one of the critical questions to ask is, “Do you try cases?”. That means do you take cases to court and try the case before a jury. The reason that’s an important question is because insurance companies know the law firms who are willing to challenge them in court. Challenging an insurance company in court is a very nerve wracking process. So it produces a great deal of anxiety. A lot of Lawyers do anything they can to avoid experiencing that anxiety. They don’t take their cases to court. Insurance companies, knowing that, low ball their offers of settlement for that law firm’s clients.
You don’t want to be one of those clients. You want to know that if the lawyer doesn’t believe he can get the absolute limits for you in a legal settlement for the satisfaction of the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, that he’s willing to take that case before a judge and jury to challenge that insurance company to be sure you’re satisfied with the outcome of your claim.
We take our cases to trial. At any time, on any day, in the course of our work we have a hundred or more cases scheduled for a trial. Now it’s true, insurance companies get just as anxious and just isn’t as nerve wracked over taking these cases on as the lawyer does. So it is often on the steps of the courthouse that they will settle the case. But, if they don’t settle, we do take those cases before a jury and challenge the insurance company to try to defeat your right to a good settlement for your case. Call us, we can tell you about our experience in trial. Give us a call, we’re Q Auto and Injury Attorneys and we can help. Our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes for free. 

Communicating with your doctor

Communication with your doctor after an accident is key to a proper settlement of your personal injury case. It might seem unfair that you have to pay for your own medical bills after an auto accident, but, Florida is a “no fault” state when it comes to auto insurance, meaning you are on the hook for your own bills, not the at-fault driver. That’s why Florida requires every driver carry a minimum of $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection or PIP benefits. However, depending on the severity of the accident the $10,000 minimum might not be enough to cover all of your bills. This is why you need to make sure your doctor knows all of your injuries. So, any ache, pain or stiffness you have you will need to report to him. Whether it’s a sore neck in the morning or stiffness during the day, anything that has occurred after the accident could be related to the accident. Keep in contact with your doctor. A small pain in the neck in the morning could be a big problem down the road. Whether it’s the new pain or re-aggravation of an old pain, let your doctor know so that he can help you and treat anything before it becomes long term nerve damage and so your lawyer can be sure the cost of that treatment is covered in your personal injury claim. If you’ve been injured, if you have questions or if you think you have a case, give us a call. We can help. Our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes for free.

Reasonable Compensation

When a lawyer is representing you for a personal injury claim, be it an automobile accident or medical malpractice, he or she should feel responsible to do the best possible job for you. Now, we define the best possible job as getting the most money in a settlement that we can for you. But, just because a lawyer gets a large settlement for you doesn’t mean that he will put a lot of that settlement in your pocket. It doesn’t end there.
In order to get a substantial settlement in a case it is more likely than not you’ve endured a great deal of pain and suffering because of the physical problems the accident or the malpractice caused you. That means very often that the amount of money that we get for you may not cover all of your medical bills and still put a sizable portion in your pocket.
The lawyer you hire should feel obligated and in fact be obligated to do everything in his or her power to reduce those medical bills. Yes, believe it or not those bills can be negotiated not unlike you’re negotiating to purchase a used car. There is a certain amount of money that the doctor or the medical provider has already determined is necessary to cover their expenses in your treatment. It’s the responsibility of your lawyer to determine the minimal amount of money necessary to have covered those expenses and be fair to the medical provider. This amount and the amount doctor charges are often no where’s near each other. It is our duty as your lawyer to do the best we can to deal with those medical providers. It is our job to convince them that what they’ve billed and what they’re willing to accept are two different things and that we are only going to be paying the minimal amount necessary. That’s what puts more of that settlement into your pocket and less into the overhead of a medical provider.
It’s a duty we take very seriously here at Q Auto and Injury Attorneys. We work very hard to be sure that the bills are fair, not exorbitant. We can help with those bills. We are Q Auto and Injury Attorneys and we’re here to help. Call us now. Our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.com Check out our latest podcasts on iTunes for free .

Mediation – A Florida Requirement

Here in Florida, our courts require personal injury cases to go to mediation prior to trial. Many times the case is more appropriately dealt with at mediation as opposed to trial, so let me explain to you the mediation process and what you can do to be prepared for that. The mediation process is simply where we sit down with the attorney for the insurance company, a representative with the insurance company itself and a mediator. Both sides give a factual overview of their version of the case and then we actually begin discussing settlement of your case. Don’t worry you don’t have to do any talking at the mediation. We do all the talking for you. Your case has been worked up to the point where you’ve received your medical care. Your deposition has been taken by the insurance company’s attorney and now they know a lot of the information they need to properly evaluate your case. Things that you can do to prepare for mediation are; if you needed to use some medical device after your accident but don’t currently use it such as a neck collar after surgery, crutches or a walking cane bring those devices with me to the mediation. Mediation many times is the first time the insurance company representative is to see you in person and like the deposition we want to impress that person with what you’ve gone through since you were injured. Obviously our goal of mediation is to get the best settlement we can for you. Any information that you can provide to document and demonstrate how your life has changed by your injuries is extremely helpful. Pictures or video are important. Logs and journals that you keep on a regular basis that not only include your medications and doctors visits but simple notes on how you were feeling or what activity you passed up because of your injuries on any particular day is just as important. Documentation will help us get the best result for you at mediation. Although our courts in Florida require each case to go to mediation there is no obligation for you accept the offer being made by the insurance company. In fact, many times we have to walk away from the table in order to get a more appropriate settlement value for your case. But being prepared, being able to show the insurance company how serious your case is including your injuries is just as important at mediation as it is in every other step of your case. If you’ve been injured, if you have questions or if you think you have a case, give us a call. We can help. Our toll free number is 800-332-1992 or email us at info@qlaw.comCheck out our latest podcasts on iTunes for free.